This covers a system to live stream and video record all the concert events at the largest music college in the nation. 20 robotic cameras across 6 concert halls, automatically streaming on a custom-built web platform, built over the course of several years. Half is AV, and the other in…

This is an overview of policy and rights relating to streaming and recording at the university I work at. Of all the questions I get since we began streaming in 2009, the question of how we handle rights is the most common.

First the disclaimers. Since this involves legal issues…

Before and After switching to a waveform player.

The University of North Texas College of Music has an online audio and video archive for distribution of student recitals and larger ensemble concerts. The main purpose of this archive is to get media to people as quickly as possible.

Our users ranging from college students on their mobile phones…

How I automate rehearsal recording delivery using a Denon and Dropbox.

This lovely interface is courtesy of the Denon DN-700, runs about $1,000. It is a website that allowed full control over the unit. On a unique IP network like what we have at the University of North Texas I’m…

Moving recording, streaming and live sound of one of the largest publicly enrolled music colleges in the nation to the Dante network.

You’ve seen articles about concert tours and live system installs that use mostly static Dante routing and a few devices. This is not that kind of article. This is a 1700 channel, 70 devices, in multiple locations install.

About UNT

The University of North Texas College of Music presents about 1,000 events a year; more than half of those are recorded…

A music college recording department moving from discs to downloads & streaming, without being burned at the stake.

First published January of 2015, updated June of 2016.

I believe this is a huge hurdle many music college recording departments are struggling with as most engineers aren’t familiar with software development, and internal web teams are not equipped to handle these larger web apps. …

Having done live streaming for several years on a weekly basis I have come up with a few bits I find work well.

A live stream is a broadcast. The production should feel like TV.



A system that a visitor can sign up to be notified when the event has…

Photo by Erin Lancaster

At the university studio I work in making recordings and live streaming concerts, I have a window facing the front patron entrance to the largest concert hall. It doesn’t take much observation to notice what piece people came to see by how many bodies are moving past the window.


Blair Liikala

I manage a recording department for a large music college. Audio, video gear, web streaming and web development.

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